Airplanes Noisier Than Business



Ah! Almost spring, and some of the finest things are to sit and swing on the front porch and soak in the warmth and have conversation with friends and neighbors.

However, we have all felt it, heard it, and maybe even had meaningful words -- The airplanes up and down, landing and taking off to wherever, and the pilots never ever giving concern what or who they interrupt. And it is disruptive for communication!

What brings all this about is the concerns they may have that a manufacturing facility (Door Stop) may have nuisance noise. Well, I had visited the area, sat and had lunch off the hood of my truck. Never was any thought given to the manufacturer who provides jobs to local residents. All I ever heard was multiple aircraft coming and going. So often, I missed two phone calls due to their roar to the skies.

In short, it is a definite loss of their community's money for a firm to monitor the questionable noise level and not recognize where the real obnoxious noise airs from.

Why can't the town leaders pass on the famous words I've been told -- live with it.

M. Riemersma, Payson

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