Decision On Leave Poor One



As grandparents of a middle school student, we are very concerned about the change being considered for the next school year.

Our grandson entered the Payson School District in August 2002. We are very impressed with the teachers he has had in fifth and seventh grades, and especially the "team" concept.

We appreciate the interest they show in the students and the fact that they are willing to meet with parents and the student as a team. This provides more input when the teachers contribute information as a unit. It is helpful to have the whole picture of the student's school life.

We were, therefore, very unhappy when three teachers were placed on leave for expressing their views on this topic. It seemed to be poor timing, just before progress reports were to be completed and spring break was to begin.

Could there be a problem with the school administration, rather than with the teachers and counselor?

Hopefully, the good of the students will be the deciding factor in the future, regarding methods of listening to our teachers and in deciding when to place faculty members on leave.

Al and Frances Cahalan, Payson

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