Giving Thanks For Happy Lives



I'm not much on praying unless I'm trouble, but when I'm in trouble I'm as devout as the pope.

I said a little prayer of thanks this morning though, after I read the article aboutPeoria prosecutors deciding not to file charges againstick Reese for flashing his ID anddvising a motorist to turn off his signal light.

No, I wasn't giving thanks for Dick so much as I was thanking the Lord for the happy livesyocal citizens are enjoying. No cancers to concern themselves with,heir houses didn't just burn down, no maiming traffic accidents. Happy, peaceful lives. Time to worry about such things as the Dick Reese affair. That's so good.

My lovely wife Elizabeth is a much better Christian than I am. Also a better pool player.ast time we played she beat me three games in a row. I hate that.

Anyway, a few years ago she "adopted" a little Ecuadorian boy through the Christian Children's Fund. His name is Daniel. He lives with his mother in a village with no running water or electricity. His father died several years ago.

Every month or so he sends Elizabeth a letter thanking her for her contribution to his welfare, which really isn't all that much -- $24 a month. With that though, he's able to buy clothes and school supplies and vitamins and such. That's good, too.

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you Lord foreople who recognize real problems and do something about them, like Beth. And thank you for watching over my neighbors.

Merritt Guy Pittman, Whispering Pines

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