Hire Another Traffic Enforcer



In reference to Mail Call letter, Friday, 19 March 04, regarding the traffic enforcer giving PD a black eye.

After observing the way all too many people in Payson ignore stop signs, traffic lights and speed limits, the city ought to cough up more funding to hire another traffic enforcement officer.

Insofar as him giving every citizen in Payson a traffic ticket, it is a "slight" exaggeration. I'm quite sure the ones who got the citations were very deserving.

Also, if the city had to depend on fines from traffic citations to survive, well, we would not have any paved streets or sewer system or police or fire department.

Also, I don't really think the chief or Lt. Engler are taking the "brunt" of any criticism for the traffic officer's actions since he is doing what they and the city want him to do, "enforce traffic laws."

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if someone is attempting to malign another, that someone should back it up with facts.

Larry E. Cusey, Payson

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