Plane, Plant Noise Not Half Of It



With reference to the letters about noise since they moved in next to the airport industrial area. -- What if you had bought next to the national forest?hat if you had found out about a trade after if had happened two to three years ago, where the land on two sides was now no longer national forest?hat if the people who made the trade decided that, even though it was zoned Residential, they would sell it to an organization that decided they wanted to dig a rock pit?hat if you had tried to make sure your land was buffered, by offering to trade land to secure that buffer? What if you shook hands with one of the new owners, and he said "That sounds good, we can do that. But what if after three years nothing had happened about the trade, because (in his words) "well Don's not quite ready to trade."

What if when you stopped the trucks from using your creek bed for traffic, you were threatened with "we'll just build a road right up next to your driveway, to our pit," and the road "up next to our driveway" is now there, with trucks and bull dozers and loaders, and 2 years of blasting to accompany them?

What if each time you call your county representatives, you are put on hold for hours and then the line just goes dead?hat if when you sit in front of planning and zoning, the board says that the area is not zoned for industrial, and your other neighbor still leaves his tank truck dripping diesel fuel into the creek, and still no one seems to care?

Now you got troubles Bucky!

Come see what good neighbors do to you in Pine.

John Wertin, Pine

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