Right Wing Slant



A small town depends on its small-town newspaper for a balanced view. What an ironic juxtaposition, then, in the March 12 edition. A "lofty" column, "Our View," on how "All candidates should be congratulated" abutted by yet another tasteless anti-Kerrycartoon.

What hypocrisy! What flip-floppery! There are many Democrats in this area who little appreciate your obvious bias. How about a balanced, fair small-town newspaper that doesn't include personal biases? We subscribers might appreciate it.

I know objectivity isn't easy, but give it a try. It's your job. (By the way, anyone who has successfully made it through high school English would know that it isn't ... may the best man win!" It's "... may the better man win.")

Herb Bartholomew, Payson

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