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Re: PUSD administrative costs

Comparing the administrative costs of one school district to another is irrelevant. One should point out that staffing and administrative costs have increased by two-thirds nationally since 1975, even though student enrollment has been declining as a percentage of the overall population. I guess the author would say that Hitler was a better man than Stalin because he killed less people. Keep spending!

Re: Speed limit

I would like to respond to the opinion in your last issue regarding the 80 mph speed limit. The fact that state lawmakers want to raise the limit has no impact on the increase of speed that drivers will go, it merely recognizes the fact that cars can now handle higher speeds more safely. If you travel our interstates today you can see that every curve that may pose a problem is posted with the safe speed to take it at, and believe me it is usually far lower than needed. I own a very fast and high performance car and even I would never run at over 80 mph, even on a straight flat stretch, for an extended period of time. Speaking as a person who travels a lot, there is no fear of people driving 100 all over the place ... Most drivers keep it well below that and those who don't, cannot keep that pace without causing major stress on them and their vehicle. I checked the internet facts about the Autobahn in Germany and the average (speed) is about 79 mph. Accidents are no higher than on any other major interstate around the world. If you wish to drive like a Sunday driver... do it when I'm not traveling ... like Sunday.

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