Thank God For Traffic Cop



There is nothing worse than a driver who exceeds the speed limit in school zones.

The letter writer of March 16 Roundup who accuses one of our police officers of "excessive ticketing" and "causing fear" is one of those thoughtless drivers. She violated the law at the Julia Randall School where there is more than adequate warning of a 15-mph speed limit. The distance, from the "15 mph school zone warning" to the "End School Zone" sign, where she earned her citation is only two-tenths of a mile. The sign is there and has been for years.

I do not know who is responsible for releasing her of her fine, but he or she is dead wrong. That woman is guilty.

Living in Payson North for years, where some of the worst drivers live, I have been aware that there is a traffic problem. For that reason, I have been hounding the town manager and the mayor to put a full-time officer on traffic duty in the residential areas of Payson. Thank God they have done that.

I spent some time with that officer discussing the large number of residents who consistently run stop signs, speed well over the 25 mph limit and never use their turn signals.

He is a good man, and I am proud of him whenever I see him laying in wait for a traffic violator. I certainly hope my friend "Gordon" will continue to let this man write as many tickets as he can. This town's traffic problems need to be enforced.

I am the gentleman who walks his white "puppy" throughout Payson North for a mile each morning and afternoon/evening. You know, the one who keeps yelling at you drivers who are careless, "Twenty five" if you go by me too fast and, "The sign says stop," if you run it, and "Use your turn signals," so I know what you want me to do.

In addition, I am fed up with picking up dead squirrels. When I see a dead one just a few feet from a stop sign, I know that that individual is driving with his head up under the dash and has run the stop sign.

As I observe large numbers of drivers, they seem to be in a daze, or they have one of those adult toys stuffed in their ear. You know? The cell phone!

Dave Engleman, Payson

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