Don't Want A Ticket? Obey The Law



I am utterly dismayed with my fellow citizens who have written letters that were published in the Payson Roundup March 16 and 19, 2004.

I have lived in Payson for over 23 years. When I moved here, traffic enforcement was a part of daily police duties. Then, over several years, the police department got "too busy" to enforce traffic laws.

Chief Gartner even stated on the KMOG's Rim Country Forum that traffic enforcement was his department's lowest priority. Until recently, there has existed almost no enforcement of traffic laws. The result was many people chose to drive faster than the law allows and many people run stop signs and red lights. The law states the vehicle must come to a complete stop at a stop sign; the same goes for red traffic lights. Few people seem to remember what the stop bar is there for. The stop bar is where one is required to stop.

One letter called one of the officers a traffic ticket maniac whose just cause is to ticket everyone in town.

Wake up! That is his job -- to enforce the law.

Another letter came from a person who thinks an officer who writes traffic tickets does so in excess. If there were no offenders, there would be no tickets. But there are many, many offenders. It's a target-rich environment for a conscientious officer.

My hat is off to the officers engaged in traffic enforcement. I congratulate them for the excellent job they are doing.

These are absolute truths:

1) Traffic laws exist for the safety of all of us.

2) Without enforcement, there will never be compliance.

It's very easy to avoid a traffic ticket. Just obey the law.

Dennis Satterfield, Payson

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