Door Stop, Neighbors Negotiate Over Noise


A truce between the parties feuding over Door Stop noise may be on the horizon, according to business owner Jim Hill.

Hill, who has already spent more than $20,000 to reduce noise emanating from his business in the industrial Skypark, met with property owners Tuesday to discuss a solution.

After the Door Stop opened in January, a group of nearby residents calling themselves Citizens Against Noise and Industrial Travesties complained to the town about the Door Stop.

Most of the complaining residents live in the subdivision adjacent to the industrial area where the town permits light manufacturing companies such as the Door Stop.

Hill said when they opened at the end of an airport runway, the last thing he expected was a noise issue.

The town council decided to hire a noise consultant, acoustician William Gatley, Ph.D, to study the problem. Gatley performed his study March 4 and gave some recommendations to Hill about ways to reduce noise, but did not draw a conclusion as to whether the noise could be considered a nuisance as the property owners claimed.

Hill described the meeting with the handful of neighboring residents as a step in the right direction.

"Although they didn't actually come out and declare peace, their approach was much more reasonable than it has been," Hill said.

According to Hill, Gatley was in one of the complainant's homes where the noise was said to be unbearable.

"The acoustician was unable to detect the noise with his sound meter which is much more sensitive than mine or the towns," Hill said. "This man then accused everyone of having defective hearing and equipment."

Hill said one of the ideas that came from the meeting is erecting a sound wall.

"We have agreed to build an experimental sound wall that we will pick up with a forklift to put in front of one of the collectors and make sound measurement readings at the houses of these people who are complaining," Hill said.

Hill said that the meeting helped some of those offended by the noise realize that he is willing to compromise and spend another $2,000 to appease them.

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