Home Dealership Has New Location


Bradshaw Mountain Homes, owned and operated by the Ulmer family, has been in business since 1999, but it just opened a formal dealership last month.

The Ulmers are now exclusively selling Palm Harbor homes from their new site in Star Valley.


The Ulmer family started business by helping other manufactured home dealerships with the deliveries and installation of their units. Since July 1999, the family has sold Palm Harbor Homes and provided the delivery, set-up and installation services. The Ulmer family includes, from left, Jeremy, Tamra, Winna, Dean and Clint.

"We started as Bradshaw Mountain Enterprises in 1993," said Tamra Ulmer, who handles the real estate end of the operation.

At that time the company only did the set-up and construction for manufactured home dealerships.

"We did the full construction package for the homes, including all the porches, garages and set-up," Tamra said.

The company has installed more than 500 homes all over Arizona in the past decade.

"Always our intent has been to have satisfied customers," Tamra said. "We believe in doing the job right the first time and we treat each customer's home as if it were our own home."

The family's business philosophy is that the most important factor when purchasing a manufactured home is that the set-up is done right and it is done to the best standards possible.

"The set-up of your home determines the actual life span of it and it determines how your home will age and settle," Dean, the head of the family, said. "We use the top-of-the-line equipment to ensure all our set-ups are done accurately and the best they can be done."

Providing on-site, full service land and home packages, Bradshaw Mountain Homes can take clients through the entire process, from arranging financing and providing a choice of 80 floor plans, to delivering, setting up and installing the homes, including the utility connections and a remote air conditioning and heating unit.

Dean said the A/C-heating unit is a unique offer his company provides its buyers.

The service is so complete the only thing buyers need to do is move their belongings into their new home, Dean said.

"We will set their home in a timely manner and answer all questions they may have about its maintenance," Tamra said. "We can also provide garages, carports, porches, sidewalks and any other construction they may want to add to their home and we can do it with experience."

The original business was started in the Prescott area, that is why it was named Bradshaw Mountain Enterprises. The family was in the White Mountains for awhile as well, and moved to the Payson area in 1995.

The company continues to serve clients throughout Arizona.

In addition to the Palm Harbor units available, the company recently added a porch series to its offerings.

"We have 10 different exteriors available for singles, 20-wides, doubles and triples," Tamra said.

The prices of the units range from $35,175 to $116,000, she said.

"That is set, delivered and hooked to utilities, plus the remote A/C and heating unit," Dean said.

The largest home they have available is more than 2,900 square feet, Tamra said.

The turn-around time, from the point when financing is secured to move in, varies from as little as three weeks, for a home only, to three months for a home, with added amenities, such as a garage, porch and more.

Bradshaw Mountain Homes is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday, with Sunday appointments available. For more information, call (928) 474-5075.

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