Lou Dobbs Tells It Like It Is



Have you noticed the near dead silence in the national and local media on illegal immigration?

Sure, they told us 800 illegals were picked up in the Phoenix area in 23 days. Did they tell us what could be done to stop this? All they say is we can't afford to be transporting them back to the borders.

But, we can afford to pay for their kids' education, their hospital stays with babies being born, their welfare checks, food stamps, etc. All this runs into the billions, not just millions. Lou Dobbs' national news show, "Lou Dobbs Tonight," on CNN isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He has on-air polls with results broadcast at the end of the hour. Monday, Sept. 22, 2003, the poll question was: "Should illegals get Social Security cards and driver's licenses in the U.S.?" Results: 88 percent -- No, 13 percent -- Yes. Another poll on October 1, 2003: "Should illegal aliens be afforded the same rights as U.S. citizens?" Results: 87 percent -- No; 13 percent -- Yes. At least CNN and Lou Dobbs have the courage to face the problems head on. Politicians won't.

Locally, the Arizona Republic, Sept. 24, 2003, showed the results of a poll taken here by Bruce Merrill, ASU journalism professor. That poll read: Overall, are you very supportive, supportive, opposed, or strongly opposed to the Protect Arizona Now initiative? Results: 34 percent Very Supportive; 36 percent Supportive (which adds up to 70 percent in favor). That is the petition going on statewide to make proof of citizenship mandatory in order to register to vote, and proof of legal presence to receive public benefits.

Petition information is available at www.pan2004.com or phone (623) 225-7122, or locally (928) 472-2344. We need all the help and input of any kind. Protect Arizona now.

Norma Foxen, Payson

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