Seeing Another Side Of Kids



So often I hear things like "What's wrong with our kids now-a-days?", or, "I'm sure glad I'm not a teenager during these times." I have caught myself in the midst of being critical but, as of recently, a group of teenagers taught me a very special lesson. On Jan. 30, my son was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Within 10 minutes of his arrival at the hospital emergency room, the young people began to trickle into the waiting room. Twenty minutes after his arrival, after the medic gently told me he would have to be flown to the valley, I returned to the waiting room to find 19 teens and a number of adults in a circle, arms over shoulders, praying. It was, to me, like being ministered to by God's angels. They prayed, they cried, they shared and they held me up, and when my son was wheeled to the helicopter, they showed their love to him. That chopper lifted on the prayers of so many people who have a "passion" for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My hat goes off to young people today that can stand solid on what they believe in; something not always seen, but faith -- faith that touches others. God has allowed you to touch me deeply. Thank you for letting Him use you all as a vessel.

Lorna Hansen, Payson

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