Service Is Costly, Legislators Shameful



National Guard and Reservist families are suffering financially as husbands/wives are on extended military active duty. Family incomes are reduced. Many families have lost their spouse's benefits, not the least of which family health insurance. Spouses and children are not receiving necessary medical care because they cannot pay the provider. The nation's Veterans Administration hospitals are over-crowded and new patients have a long wait to obtain necessary treatment.

Is this the way we should support our brave troops? Our military veterans? Should it be this way?

A bill came before the House to provide a1,500 bonuso our military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rep. Rick Renzi voted against the bill and it went down in defeat in the Republican controlled Congress.

Last week, a $2.7 billion billame before the Senate to increase the Veterans Administration health care budget and reduce the long waiting periods. Toeep theill deficit-neutral, tax cuts for the wealthiest 10 percent would be reduced. en. Jon Kyl voted against the bill, and war hero, Sen. John McCain voted for the necessary VA budget funding. The Republican controlled Senate defeated the bill.

I am a U.S. Army veteran serving nine years active and reserve time.

Shame on Rep. Rick Renzi and Senator Jon Kyl.

Gene Hinds, Payson

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