Time To Get Ready For Spring



The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week. The buds are popping on the fruit trees and the grass is growing pretty fast already.

Get those mowers out and sharpen those blades; it won't be too long before you will have to put them to use.

Activity at the Snyder house includes preparing the ground for a new garage, hopefully to be erected sometime this summer, along with insulating the attic space before cold weather hits again. There will be no vacation for us this year, our money will be used to make our home a bit more cozy.

Coyote problem

I have been informed by a few of the Villagers that there are many coyotes roaming throughout the village at all times of the day and night. The other day, I heard them just outside my house calling to my dog. I am sure they are pretty hungry, so I would suggest that all owners of small animals keep a watchful eye on their pets.

Arizona Game and Fish has suggested to not to leave any type of food or water outside. It does attract them.

Arizona Game and Fish has said a person must have a current Class F, G, or H license to shoot coyotes, and only during hunting season.

To find out what those seasons are, check the current edition of the 2003-2004 Arizona Hunting Regulations, or log onto www.gf.state. az.us.

The whitetail deer also are roaming around.

I was on my way into town Tuesday, and a beautiful doe was standing on the side of the road. Luckily, she turned around and leaped into the brush. That was the second time I have seen whitetail on the road to town. I am sure they could do almost as much damage to your vehicle as an elk could do, so be wary.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger is suggesting to everyone within the fire district to keep up with the clearing of brush and other hazardous materials from your area. There have been red flags already up in some areas, so the fire season is already upon us.

Birthdays, etc. ...

Jake Martin, son of Gary and Charly Martin of Tonto Village III, will celebrate a milestone in his life March 28. Jake will become 18 on that day. Jake is a senior at Payson High School and will graduate this May. He has been accepted at NAU and will be leaving in August to start his college days, where he'll major in Engineering.

Alan Deathrage of Colcord Estates also will be celebrating his birthday on the 28. Happy birthday to the both of you.

I mentioned Pat Bates' birthday last week. Pat plays nine-ball with the Tonto Village Pool Ladies, and they played in the village on Tuesday. The gals surprised Pat with a chocolate marble birthday cake and ice cream.

Pool sharks

The ladies pool team played in Tonto Village Tuesday and the winners were Ethel Cain, Patty Boeschling, and Betty Koutz.

Harvey Poyner, Betty Koutz and JoAnne Kennedy were the top winners for the Sunday afternoon games.

Paving the way

Is anyone interested in having the Control Road near the Village paved? How about starting up a citizens' committee to work on this big project? I, for one, would be happy to see the road paved. The dust is enough to choke a horse.

If you would like to participate in forming a group, call Linda Stailey at (928) 478-4641 or me at (928) 478-4575.

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