Toastmasters In Search Of Local Leaders


Not all community leaders are found in elective office. In fact, chances are, some of the most dynamic leaders prefer a low profile when it comes to recognition, but you still know who they are.

This is your opportunity to honor the Rim country's high-voltage leaders. The Pine Country Toastmasters Club is seeking recommendations for its second annual Community Communication and Leadership Award for 2004. It will take some fast action though, the deadline for submitting your recommendation is Friday, April 2.

The purpose of this award is to recognize a non-Toastmaster member of the community -- someone who has made an outstanding contribution in communication and leadership.

The recipient must reside within a Rim country community and they must have made a significant contribution through their communication and leadership skills within one or more of the communities served. The person receiving the 2004 award must not have received it before -- the only person to have been given the award is its first honoree, Jan Parsons.

The selection committee will consider the individual's communication and leadership skills, rather than the merits of the agency, program, institution, issue or belief that benefits from those skills.

Recommendations will be welcomed from businesses and other organizations, as well as individuals. The award is open to anyone from Strawberry south to Gisela and from Payson east to Christopher Creek. The recommendation needs to include a brief description of how this person has made an outstanding contribution to the community.

According to Lew Levenson, one of the Toastmasters coordinating the award, managers analyze information and make inferences and decisions daily. Leaders, on the other hand, influence and inspire group members and motivate followers to achieve a mission or goal. To be an effective leader, one must have the ability to accept and overcome challenges. By being a positive influence, one helps team members to function productively and to deliver quality performance.

Levenson said the Toastmasters organization works to develop not only communication skills, but leadership skills as well, so it is fitting it should recognize the community's leaders.

Last year, because the award was so new in the Rim country, there were only about 10 recommendations received. Levenson said that many have come in already, but he would like to see at least 50 by the April 2 deadline.

The Community Communication and Leadership Award for 2004 will be presented at the Payson Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase Friday, April 23.

For more information, call (928) 474-6610. Recommendation forms are available from any Toastmaster and at the office of the Payson Roundup.

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