A Needless, Costly War



In his letter of March 19, Don Castleman quotes Vietnam veteran and fiction writer Don Bendell, who calls John Kerry an "unprincipled liar" regarding his 1971 Congressional testimony about atrocities committed by some U.S. troops against Vietnam civilians.

That such things happened is indisputable.

Remember the My Lai massacre of 1968? Lt. William Calley and Capt. Ernest Medina oversaw and directed the slaughter of more than 200 unarmed Vietnamese civilians; old men, women and children. Those of us who were not there are in no position to pass judgment on these kinds of events, but there is no doubt that they happened.

It is curious to me that someone trying to defend the Bush-Cheney administration would broach the subject of lying. "Don't go there" would be my inclination. It would be like Ken Lay of Enron fame disputing the accounting ethics of, say, the Salvation Army.

John Kerry's words may have ruffled the feathers of one Vietnam hawk, but the administration's lies about WMD's and the threat to America posed by Iraq have resulted in the death and disfigurement of thousands of our men and women by misleading us into a needless and costly war. Morals indeed.

Herb Bartholomew, Payson

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