Officer Is Doing A Great Job



I would like to respond to the lady and man who have criticized our fine police officer who is doing his job.

First, the lady who wrote about him creating fear in the community. They should be in fear as they are breaking the law.

Second, about the officer writing tickets for two and three miles over the speed limit, and one, actually one mile over the speed limit. This is not the truth. I know for a fact that he has never written one for less than five miles over the speed limit. This is from his supervisor who oversees all the tickets in the police department.

I know police volunteers who set radar at different locations, and who monitor four-way stops, and they say it is disgusting how many people speed and don't stop at four-way stops and run red lights. Since this officer has been doing his job, the violations have decreased substantially. Great job, officer!

Now, to the man who says that this officer gives every person in Payson a ticket. That is not true either. The man also says the officer gives a fine to everyone. I happen to know that he also gives warnings, verbal and written where he sees fit. I know that everyone I have talked to believes he is doing a great job for Payson. To those people who are breaking the law, slow down, stop at stop signs and you have nothing to fear. From the silent majority in Payson, great job officer, and keep up the good work.

D. J. Bruns, Payson

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