Support In Election Appreciated



Thank you, all of you, who supported me and gave me your vote of confidence in the town election. A simple thank you is such a small token description of how I truly feel.

I was extremely encouraged by the increased number of voter participants in this election. I firmly believe that a person's vote equals a person's voice. Public involvement of our town politics is vital for the survival of equality and proper representation of the people as a whole. As taxpayers, your feelings or opinions should never be taken for granted. The person that represents should do so on behalf of the majority of the community rather than just a select few.

Don't stop now! The election isn't over yet, and candidates are narrowed. If you believe in accountability for elected officials, use your vote to vote for change in, and for, our community, your community! I plead, please be sure to voice your vote in this election.

One of the most precious gifts we are fortunate enough to have as American citizens living in this free country is our vote. Remember the quote "By the people, for the people..." was written specifically for you and me. The political realm needs all walks of life to uphold our community and press through to make our society the very best it can possibly be!

Thank you.

Diana Sexton, Former mayoral candidate

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