Teen Tags Bison, Cape Buffalo


At 15, Rand Hallman can claim his big game accomplishments include both an American Bison and an African Cape Buffalo.

The Payson High School sophomore downed the bison March 14 while hunting on the Raymond Ranch south of Interstate 40 between Winslow and Flagstaff.


Rand Hallman, 15, proudly displays the American Bison he downed while hunting with his father near Winslow. Rand also downed a Cape Buffalo last summer while hunting in Africa.

He bagged the Cape Buffalo last summer during a big game hunt in Africa.

On both outings he was accompanied by his father -- local veterinarian Dr. Alan Hallman.

Rand's mother, Teri, was to accompany the two on the African trip, but said she had second thoughts when she learned more about the species to be hunted.

"I stop hunting with them when the animals (are capable) of hunting you back," she said.

She explained the Cape Buffalo is one of the five most dangerous animals in Africa.

According to the website www.seaworld.org, "Cape Buffalo has the reputation of being dangerous when cornered or injured.

"There are many tales being told by big game hunters of injured buffalo turning back and goring or killing the shooter."

Some of the larger Cape bulls weigh as much as 2,000 pounds.

In addition to the Cape Buffalo and the bison, Rand has successfully hunted elk, deer and javelina in Arizona.

This summer, he and his father plan to travel to New Zealand where they will hunt Red Stag.

Rand describes Stag as an "elk-like" animal that is indigenous to New Zealand and Australia.

In downing the bison, Rand was involved in what he calls "a depredation hunt."

"He (the bison) had broken off the ranch and was destroying fences and stuff like that," he said.

His father originally received the bison tag in a hunt drawing last fall. Later, he transferred the tag to his son.

On opening day of the hunt, the father and son team first glassed the rogue bison running in the distance.

"He was leading a herd of bulls," Rand said.

After approaching the animal within what the teen estimates was about 75-yards, he dropped the huge animal with his .375 Winchester. The rifle is the same one he used on the African hunt.

The meat from the huge animal will be the staple of Hallman family meals for months to come.

"Our freezer has about 400 pounds of buffalo (bison) in it right now," his mother said. "The meat is very lean and very tasty."

Rand also has plans to have the animal's head mounted.

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