Three Strikes And You're Out



I recently read the Wall Street Journal's March 4 editorial, entitled "Strike Three at the FCC," and was quite surprised to learn that the Federal Communications Commission has tried three times to defy laws passed by Congress to encourage real investment and competition in today's communications marketplace, and three times they have been shot down by the courts for overstepping their powers and rewriting the law.

What is the FCC's response? They're vowing to go to court again.

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been crystal clear that the FCC has run far afield of their intentions. The courts have backed Congress and upheld the law three times. How much longer can three bureaucrats be allowed to put an entire sector of our country on hold?

I understand the FCC is fixated on football-related matters right now, but I, for one, think the rules of baseball need to apply to the FCC Commissioners: Three strikes and you're out.

Paul James, Payson

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