A Hope For Future Students



Our youngest daughter will graduate from Payson High School in 2005. She has had the privilege of going to a school where the classes are smaller in size, which allows the teacher to spend more individual time with each student.

Her educational experience has been successful not only because of this, but because of her hard work and the dedication of her teachers.

She has been able to participate in physical education classes, which we all know is important in a time when many of our children sit in front of computers and television and may not participate in any other physical activity during the day.

She has been able to do research in our school libraries with the help of our librarians. She has, on occasion, had to go to our school nurse because of illness and these school nurses have done a terrific job in notifying us when important inoculations were needed.

She has been part of the athletics and arts programs, which we feel help develop a well-rounded individual.

I mention this because I am concerned for the students that will be in school after my daughter graduates. I truly hope future students will get the same privileges that my daughter has had; however, the only way we can make sure of this is by voting in favor of the override on Tuesday, May 18, 2004.

There are many benefits that our students and teachers will receive when we vote YES. Please educate yourself on this override and join us in providing our children with high quality education and programs.

Prior generations have had the foresight to vote yes on similar issues even though their children had completed their education. We all realize the positive impact this will have on our community and our families.

Ron and Nina Ray, Payson

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