Experience, Objectivity Offered



I would like to reply to the letter by Gordon Metcalf regarding Councilman Reese's endorsement of my campaign. To set the record straight, this letter was reviewed and approved by my campaign committee prior to submission. The nature of the letter contained absolutely no negativism, and none was intended. As I promised at the outset of the mayoral race, I am committed to the assurance of a clean, friendly campaign. I respect my opponent and her efforts.

On another subject altogether, I would like to reassure the citizens of Payson of my interest and ability to serve them, and only them. I have, indeed, been off of the council for the past eight years. Nevertheless, I have remained current on the issues and when elected, I will work with our town staff to maximize their efficiency. Together, we will begin a fresh start to the ongoing effort toward making Payson a model town and the pride of Arizona. We have a great staff and, working together, we will accomplish much.

I offer the experience and objective point of view necessary to lead our town. I ask you for your vote.

Jim Chase, Payson

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