No Compassion Shown When Dog Was Killed



This is an open letter to the public:

To the insensitive person who did not stop after running over the brown dog on April 27, 2004, Tuesday night at around 8:30 -- We would appreciate a little compassion.

You see our dog, Buster, was walking home with a friend and her 2-year-old son when he bolted onto the Beeline. A white Dodge or Ford diesel truck struck him between Roundup Road and Airport Road. The driver did not even care enough to stop.

We know it was an accident, but you should have at least stopped and asked the young lady that was holding Buster in his last moments if there was anything you could do. She was very distraught, my family was very distraught, we loved our Buster very much and to have him ripped from our lives like that is unnerving, and the fact that the person that had the accident did not care adds to our distress.

What if it had been the 2-year-old child?

People these days just do not seem to care about life anymore, human or animal. Why?

Buster's family, Kenneth Baltz, Payson

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