Opposing The Override



I want to encourage Payson residents to vote "no" on the budget override.

Please do not be bullied or feel forced by guilt, to vote "yes" for the budget increase.

We have lived in Payson a number of years now and our children have attended the local schools.

We have dealt with all three levels of the school system and have been especially dissatisfied with the middle and high schools. The middle school was the worst run school we have ever had to deal with.

I believe there are many fine teachers in this school system who are more educated, and deserve more than they get paid. The school district is the main problem, as well as the administrators of some of the schools. Sadly, we have seen that teachers who speak out about problems arehastised for standing up for their beliefs, freedom of speech and thought or the rights of students.

The system is not run well at all. I believe it is corrupted. If it were run properly there would be no need for them scurrying around looking for money from our pockets.

We changed to home schooling our children. I am sure many of Payson residents would be surprised to learn how many families are opting for home schooling over using the public schools. What about families switching to private schools? The numbers to both types alternate schooling have steadily increased over the last five years.

If you look through the voter information pamphlet sent to us all through the mail, it even states that enrollment is down in the public school system. Of course our school district will not be honest about these statistics because they want our money. Instead of raising our taxes, how about lowering Mr. Weissenfels and the other board members salaries or eliminating them altogether and give that money to the schools and the underpaid, overworked teachers.

For more than 60 percent of Payson families, it is just a struggle to live here. Taxes are too high in Payson already. Wages are too low. Living in Payson is a much better option than living in Phoenix, so sadly many of us struggle to stay here. Please don't make it any harder

than it already is! What about our elderly population, why should they have their taxes increased? They have no children in the school system and the majority of the elderly are on a fixed income. As a home school parent, I do not feel it is fair to have my taxes raised for public education when my children are not using public schools. Please vote "No" on the increased school budget which will raise all our taxes.

Lynn Benner, Payson

(Editor's note: School board members are not paid, they serve as volunteers.)

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