Production Good Example For Override



On April 24 my husband, myself, and daughter, along with her Little Sister (Big Brother, Big Sister Program) attended "The Music Man" at Payson High School. This delightful performance prompted me to react, and, in turn, to write for several reasons.

"The Music Man" was wonderful, to say the least. If I think back to what an all-consuming job it is to be a successful student, it is amazing that all these young people took the time and energy to perfect their parts. The involvement of a variety of ages, including four seniors made it a community effort. The amount of talented people who took part is amazing for our small town. Those who put the program together and coached the participants are to be commended.

A couple of years ago, I donated to the high school drama department approximately 15 square dance outfits, petticoats, and other accessories. What fun it was to see my dresses be put to good use and they sure looked better on those young actresses. I, therefore, encourage all of you square dancers who have outfits no longer in use, but are in perfect condition, to donate them. I would also think there are people with vintage clothes, long dresses, hats, etc. which could be put to good use by the drama club. I do stress, however, do not donate anything that is not in perfect condition!

Finally, I reach out to all of you who attended and enjoyed "The Music Man" as much as we did. For that matter, I say this to anyone who will listen -- This performance was one of many examples to support the override for Payson School District. I am sure the money from the override will not go directly toward drama productions, but "The Music Man" is a reflection of staff, student, and community effort. We all need to give our community support and vote YES to support Payson School District.

Joan Young, Payson

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