Reporter's Column Was A Cheap Shot


College students are not known for common sense, including myself when I was attending Arizona State University during the same years dinosaurs roamed the earth.

But University of Massachusetts graduate student Rene Gonzalez's column in the student newspaper that said, "Pat Tillman is not a hero; He got what was coming to him," is sickening, sordid and repulsive.

What could he have been thinking when he said, that in his home in Puerto Rico, Tillman would have been called a pendejo -- an idiot?

Either he was not thinking or Gonzalez clearly lacks ethics, principals, character and a moral code.

Tillman died in Afghanistan so Americans would have the freedom of speech. But along with that freedom goes responsibility. In Gonzalez's case, he should have undertaken the responsibility to find out what kind of man Tillman was, what he stood for and why he died.

Had Gonzalez lived up to his responsibilities as a student journalist, he probably would have been praising Tillman rather than denouncing him.

It's this scribe's bet that if a person was to walk the campus of Arizona State University, where Tillman is an alum, and ask for donations to buy Gonzalez a one-way return ticket to Puerto Rico, there'd be plenty of contributions.

Karnes, Cain, Baker and Smith take first place

The foursome of Joyce Karnes, Mary Cain, Brenda Baker and Wilma Smith joined forces to win first place in the Payson Women's Golf Association team play tournament contested April 25. The four tallied a 124 to outdistance the runner-up team of Kay Davis, Dorothy Meek, Sharon Vaplon and Glenda Cook. The silver medalists finished at 127.

In the closest-to-the-pin competition, the only prize winner on the day was Marge Landra, who swatted to within 17 feet, 5 inches on No. 14 to pocket prize money. There was no winner on the par 3 No. 8 hole.

The tournament was contested in a "Hopscotch" format in which one best ball was played on all par 5 hole tee shots, two best balls on par 4's and three best balls on par 3's.

If you grill it, they will come

The weather was cold and the winds were howling, but that didn't put the crimps on the benefit barbecue April 29 near the PHS softball field.

Benefit organizer Charlene Hunt estimates 500 people showed up to enjoy the delicious deep-pit barbecue cooked by her husband, Albert. About 200 to-go dinners also were served.

Charlene wants to thank Chris and Mary Wolf and Pepsi for their donations that helped make the benefit a huge success. The Wolf family donated 330 pounds of beef that Albert cooked up in a deep-pit located at the home of Dr. John Vandruff. Pepsi donated the soft drinks for the meal. All the proceeds from the afternoon (tickets were $5) will be donated to both the softball and baseball team.

The final tabulations haven't been calculated but Charlene is estimating it will be a healthy sum.

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