What Is A Fair Tax?



This one is not in haste.

In 1776 on or about, the Boston Tea Party was coined to which people dressed up like Indians who tossed tea from England over the side of ships in Boston Harbor.

The people involved were working for Thomas Jefferson's Tea Company. This said, Thomas Jefferson was an attorney, and I forget if Jefferson was a Torrie or a Whig. Would the Torries be Democrat or Republicans, or were the Whigs Democrats or Republicans? This Thomas Jefferson was a businessman, attorney, and the second president of the 13 colonies, but he coined the phrase "Taxation without Representation."

Today, a $116,000 property would add $5.25 per month x 12 -- $63.00 extra tax. What would $185,000 be taxed at? $140.00 per month x 12 -- $1680 per year property tax right now. At a $8.00 per month increase x 12 -- $96.00 per year. Add $1680.00 = $1776.00 indicative of Thomas Jefferson.

What is a fair tax? Maybe condo owners?

Frank J. O'Donnell, Payson

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