Create A School Tax That Everyone Pays



I received an early Ballot Registration Form from the Payson United School District Override Election Committee, it says election laws make it possible for all citizens to vote at home. They want my wife and me to vote "Yes" on the override budget so we can pay more taxes than we pay now.

My taxes were already raised this year. They want all citizens to vote "Yes", although only homeowners will pay the additional tax. If only homeowners were voting on this override, it would fail.

They say in the state of Arizona 86 percent of all public school districts are currently operating with override budgets.

I am all for educating the children, but why is it always we tax the homeowner? There are homes where there are three or four families living together that are in this country illegally, and their children go to school, but they don't pay taxes -- only the homeowner does.

The people that hire illegals don't care about schools or homeowners, they only care about cheap labor and profits. If we need cheap labor and won't deport the illegals, we need to come up with a tax that everybody pays. It says if my house is valued at $116,000, so the monthly cost would be about $5.28 -- all I have to give up is one fast food meal a month. How many meals do the renters miss?

We gave $250 that was tax deductible to "Credit for Kids" for musical programs to help them. So, if everybody in the district did that, they would have a lot of money and it wouldn't be just on the homeowners' backs.

I have been a homeowner since 1962, and have paid a lot of taxes. Taxes never end. There are a lot of homeowners that never had children, so why should they have to support the schools?

I would like to suggest that we have a sales tax where everybody supports our schools -- whether you're a homeowner, renter, legal or illegal alien, have children or not. I have to live with a budget and I think the school district should too. I am one homeowner that will vote "No" on this override budget, and they can come up with something where everybody pays.

Otis and D. J. Wells, Payson

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