Get Along With Your Neighbors



The people living in, or close to, the industrial park at the airport should have considered the possibility of noise from industries before they bought their homes. Now that The Door Stop is there, there are homeowners causing a lot of problems for them.

The Door Stop went to a lot of extra expense to satisfy your complaints. It was found that they were well within the noise allowance, and even well below it.

I live less than a mile from the airport, and very often have planes roaring right over my house pretty early in the morning, and late at night, and they are very noisy -- backfiring.

Now, you are complaining about the Humane Society building in the industrial park on four lots. The Humane Society is an asset to this growing town, and really needs a much larger place. Those lots are an ideal place for them. It will be a state-of-the-art building with no noise or odor.

If you people up there don't like or can't stand the noise, you have the option to move.

It is time you started trying to get along with your neighbors.

Connie Swanson, Payson

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