Humane Society Needs Help



I have been to the state-of-the-art animal shelter in Phoenix that Carol Stubbs referenced in your Friday article regarding finding an acceptable spot for the Humane Society of Payson.

It would put many of the current buildings and homes in and around the airport to shame. It's really very modern, sanitary, immaculate and quiet.

Why doesn't someone go down and make a VCR tape of the facility to bring to show the airport homeowners? That's one solution.

Another would be for the Humane Society to get with the town and the Planning and Zoning Department to get some zoning changed to accommodate the new facility. How about land on the north side of Payson? Get the zoning changed to accommodate an animal shelter on the north end of Tyler Parkway or the east side of Houston Mesa Road. How about across the street from the radio station?

Why isn't P&Z bending over backward to help with this predicament? Apparently, none of them have been to the animal shelter where it currently is.

L. D. Boynton, Payson

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