Labels Say Nothing



It is fun to talk in labels -- one can use up a lot of type, imply all sorts of things and actually say absolutely nothing -- for each of us tend to have our own private meanings or concepts attached to those labels.

As to "Givers" and "Takers" vs "Conservatives" and "Liberals", I think that Don Castleman has actually got his a bit twisted and convoluted -- for if we connect the concept of "Takers" to that of "Welfare", then one of the most pronounced beneficiaries of "Welfare", namely Corporate America, must therefore be labeled as "Takers".
I suspect that is not what our "conservative" Don Castleman has in mind.

What is actually needed is the complete discard and demise of all professional politicians of any stripe at all levels, and their replacement by unaffiliated citizen legislators and administrators, as was originally intended by our Founding Fathers so long ago -- legislators who serve all of the people for one short interval only and who are then sent, with many thanks, back to their families (who have never moved to the corrupting cesspool of Washington, D.C., in the first place).
Professional politicians are corrupt by their very definition and soon, for our survival as a nation, must be brought to bay -- thank God our professional politicians are not also professional clerics, the results of such practice discouragingly evident from the history of and the current events in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Payson

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