Relays Run In Spite Of Dropouts


After being dealt a bushel of lemons this season, Payson High track coaches and their charges made lemonade.

The lemons were delivered in the form of announcements that four teams entered in the inaugural Payson Relays dropped out.


Most events went off as scheduled in the inaugural Payson Relays held April 30 on the PHS track. The competition was held in a co-ed format. In the 4x400 relay, Lady Horn Crystal Sprinkle hands off to teammate Kevin Murphy.

With only first-year school Sandra Day O'Connor, small Northland Prep charter school and Payson remaining, the April 30 meet could have been canceled.

But no, coaches decided to brew lemonade and continue with the competition as originally scheduled.

To make up for the lack of opposition, Payson coaches divided most all their athletes into A and B teams for the relays.

The first-ever meet was unusual in prep athletic circles in that most all of the relays, even field events, were conducted co-ed.

The distance medley relay turned out to be one of the most intriguing events of the afternoon. Payson's school record 4x800 relay team of Joe Behrens, Dustin Rodgers, Tanner Morgan and Brian Langeliers found themselves competing against one another rather than as the tight-knit foursome they have become.

Behrens and Morgan hooked up with Jennie Cohen and Autumn Herrera to finish first (12.26). Rodgers joined Lauren Stewart, Alesha Huddlestun and David Cluff to finish second (13:31). Langeliers teamed with Becca Easton, Brianna Quinlan and Carlos Lopez to take third (13:31).

None of the relay teams entered the open 800.

Mike Barr and Hillari Hardt both finished on a pair of winning relay teams. In the shot put, Barr and Hardt joined Megan Miles and Alex Winchester to take first with a total distance of 144 feet, 9 inches. With an effort of 480 feet, 9 inches, Ivonne Calzadias, Wellington Cassuto, Barr and Hardt were first.

More results

Shuttle Hurdle Relay

Payson 42.65

Krystal McRae, Kyle Hubbard, Tiffany Moore, Dustin Rodgers

O'Connor 48.56

Distance Medley Relay

Payson A 12.26

Autumn Herrera, Joe Behrens, Jennie Cohen, Tanner Morgan

Payson B 13.17

Lauren Stewart, Dustin Rodgers, Alesha Huddlestun, David Cluff

Payson C 13.31

Becca Easton, Brian Langeliers, Brianna Quinlan, Carlos Lopez

O'Connor A 13.42

O'Connor B 13.53

Girls 4x100 Relay

Payson 53.65

Amy Buckner, Krystal McRae, Shaleen Holmes, Britney Owens

O'Connor 100.00

Boys 4x100 Relay

Payson 46.56

Luke Apfel, Brendan Van Zile, Tyler Danielson, Wellington Cassuto

O'Connor 47.63

4x400 Relay

O'Connor 4.04.0

Payson 4.11.0

Alesha Huddlestun, Kyle Hubbard, Lauren Stewart, Jeff Little

O'Connor B 4.20.0

O'Connor C 4.23.0

O'Connor D 4.26.0

4x1600 Relay

Northland Prep 22.39.0

O'Connor A 23.22.0

Payson A 24.01.0

Brianna Quinlan, Carlos Lopez, JoLynn Mendoza, David Cluff

O'Connor B 25.24.0

Payson B 25.51.0

Samantha Elliott, Jonny Malloy, Crystal Sprinkle, Kevin Murphy

4x200 Relay

Payson A 1.45.0

Krystal McRae, Luke Apfel, Britney Owens, Joe Behrens

Payson B 1.51.0

Jennie Cohen, Brian Langeliers, Autumn Herrera, Dustin Rodgers

Payson C 1.53.0

Lacy Myers, Jeff Little, Becca Easton, Benny Hartnell

O'Connor A 1.54.0

O'Connor B 1.55.0

O'Connor C 2.03.0

4x800 Relay

Northland Prep 9.59.0

O'Connor A 10.03.0

O'Connor B 10.26.0

Payson A 11.09.0

Brianna Quinlan, Carlos Lopez, JoLynn Mendoza, David Cluff

Payson B 11.49.0

Samantha Elliott, Jonny Malloy, Crystal Sprinkle, Kevin Murphy

Sprint Medley Relay

Payson A 4.18.0

Patty Goble, Luke Apfel, Krystal McRae, Benny Hartnell

O'Connor A 4.20.0

Payson B 4.24.0

Lauren Stewart, Dustin Rodgers, Autumn Herrera, Jeff Llittle

O'Connor B 4.37.0

O'Connor C 4.42.0

Co-Ed Relay Field Results 04

Pole Vault

Payson 27-0

Lacy Myers, Brendan Van Zile, Trent Hubbard

High Jump

Payson 19-10

Melissa McLaws, Tiffany Moore, Brian Schwind, Kyle Hubbard

Long Jump

Payson 67-7.5

Britney Owens, Tracy Fitzpatrick, Brian Schwind, Tyler Danielson

O'Connor 53-5

Triple Jump

Payson 136-4.25

Kendra Francis, Tracy Fitzpatrick, Brian Schwind, Tyler Danielson

Shot Put

Payson 144-9

Hillari Hardt, Megan Miles, Mike Barr, Alex Winchester


Payson 480-9

Hillari Hardt, Ivonne Calzadias, Mike Barr, Wellington Cassuto

Open Races

100 meters Girls

Amy Buckner (P) 13.91

Tiffany Moore (P) 13.92

Patty Goble (P) 14.43

Amy Edignton (O) 15.16

100 meters Boys

Shane Johnse (O) 13.12

Cody Witheright (O) 13.56

Michel Williams ((O)) 15.01

1600 meters

Tanner Carothers (NP) 5.27

Jared Hughes (NP) 5.28

800 meters

Alex Bernard (NP) 2.13

Nick Jones (NP) 2.24

Tanner Carothers (NP) 2.25

Jared Hughes (NP) 2.38

Thornton (NP) 2.42

200 meters Girls

Shaleen Holmes (P) 29.94

Amy Buckner (P) 30.59

Brie Ellis (O) 32.57

Emily Shank (O) 34.38

200 meters Boys

Izac Valenti (O) 26.26

Shane Jones (O) 26.85

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