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Q: Years ago, the town had a sign ordinance that regulated the size and number of signs a business may use. Now, it seems that ordinance has been tossed. Driving down the highway now, just about every business has their main sign, banners, sandwich boards, and in some cases, trailers parked on the other side of town advertising their business. What's up with that?

A: Payson's sign code hasn't changed in the past few years, according to Gary Butkus, of the Community Development Office. The purpose of the code is to allow adequate and appropriate signs while not allowing unsafe, oversize or excessive signs. "There is a fine line between business owners wanting more signage and how those signs obscure the natural beauty of the town," Butkus said.

Sign code violations are reported just like any other complaint. "Because code enforcement is a part-time position, and due to the skyrocketing number of complaints that are investigated, code enforcement remains a complaint-driven position. Since 2001, the annual number of complaints received has risen 120 percent, and 2004 is on track to be another banner year for the number of complaints received," Butkus said.

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