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Re: The Door Stop

In reading the article about The Door Stop wanting to add 35 jobs and making a substantial investment in Payson, I wonder what the problem really is. Jobs in any community are hard to come by, investment in creating those jobs should be welcomed, not handcuffed. The town should act quickly to adopt a reasonable noise ordinance and help a business. This whole situation reminds me of the old story of people who buy a house at the end of an airport runway and then complain about the noise (come to think of it, I've seen that in the Roundup as well).

Re: The Door Stop

With regards to The Door Stop issue, was it not clear months ago that The Door Stop in fact would make some noise? I live in Trailwood West, and on the weekends I hear airplanes all day long, however, I expected to hear airplanes when I bought the property. It seems to me that a select group of people (many of whom are pilots) expect others should be tolerant of their noises, however, they seem very intolerant of productive noises coming from The Door Stop. Not to mention, when they bought in the airpark, there was no question they were locating next to an industrial zone. When you buy next to the railroad, you should expect to hear the choo choo.

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