Students Ask For Support Of Override



We think it is very important that the school budget override passes. We are only seventh-graders, but we are really concerned about it.

If the override doesn't pass, some of our parents will lose their jobs. A lot of other things will happen too. Class sizes will be much larger, RCMS might go to a junior high format, the elementary schools won't ever have P.E. classes, and the schools won't even have their own librarians. There would just be one librarian for the whole school district, and she would have to work at each one of the schools in Payson one day a week but, of course, get no pay raise.

We urge people to think about this and vote to pass the override. These are only some of the ways our schools would be affected if the Override doesn't pass, and none of them are good, and none of them provide us with a quality education. All kids deserve the best education possible, not just the bare minimum which is what the Override is offering Payson kids.

The Override is only asking for about $5 a month for a $100,000 house which we think isn't asking too much to properly educate the next generation!

Hannah Bielke, Josh Cahalan, Laughlin Potvin, Andrew Ravish, Jessie Wilembrecht, Seventh-graders, Rim Country Middle School

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