School District Tax Base And The Door Stop



Attention, Payson Unified School District voters -- It is not about noise, it is about money. Your money. A school district needs a good tax base which consists of a mix of property owners and businesses. The more businesses the less of the tax burden is shouldered by the property owners.

A small group of Mazatzal Air Park property owners is trying to run The Door Stop out of town. The Door Stop's share of the taxes will then be paid by the school district's property owners. In other words the minority is trying to rule the majority.his is an industrial park. There are not many industries which use no water and make no noise. If The Door Stop is forced to leave town after meeting all of the requirements to locate here, no business will, in the future, attempt this feat. The minority will have won and all future tax increases will fall upon theroperty owners. Since the town council, the mayor, and the town manager have chosen to cut bait (as in fish or cut bait) it is up to the majority to see that The Door Stop does not leave town.

The leaders of Payson say they want to attract business and jobs tour fine town. Their actions or lack of action say just the opposite.

Ron Stettler, Payson

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