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Q: Recently a dead tree fell on a vehicle on Main Street, no one was injured, but it could have been a real tragedy. Does the town have a person or department responsible for monitoring hazardous trees like this one?

A: Town Manager Fred Carpenter said something like that would be dealt with by LaRon Garrett, public works engineer, or someone in his department. "We don't have anyone actually looking for hazardous trees, however if they are in the right of way, we monitor them and if a tree appears to be a hazard we will take it down," Garrett said. He said the debris is either shredded or burned, depending on the size of the tree.

As for hazardous trees on private property, Garrett said that would be something with which the code enforcement officer, Gary Butkus, would have to deal.

"If I get a complaint, I go to the property," Butkus said. He inspects the situation and verifies that the tree is either dead or diseased.

"If it is likely to fall and hit a house or other property it's considered a hazard," he said. The property owner is given 30 days to pull it down, and failing to comply results in proceeding through the enforcement process, Butkus said. Which could eventually result in a formal citation.

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