A Wall Would Be Great



Jim Keyworth's article on The Door Stop in your May 7 edition was poorly researched and factually wanting.

We have to have someone -- hopefully not you -- sounding off about air park property owners in the opinion section.

So now it's "elitist" to want to enjoy one's property? I don't think so.

As for worrying about our "image," that is way down on the list of property owners' worries right now, and the only "PR pounding" is coming from your newspaper, which, regrettably, appears hardly an unbiased source. And frankly, we'd love a wall around the subdivision. Who wouldn't? Can we get one?

Maybe the whole Payson Roundup staff has their eye on one of those $87,000 a year jobs.

We can only hope that you are honest enough to publish the facts contained in this communication. Your readers deserve accuracy in reporting.

Maggie McCurry, Payson

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