Commentary Was Belittling



I was disappointed in your "Our View" column of May 14. Your condescending tone, as well as using the phrase "... pull their heads out of their wells ...," belittles the efforts of the Diamond Star Citizens Action Coalition, a group of earnest individuals who have labored countless hours to protect the rights of the people in their community.

We who live in the Diamond Point area have had the ability to use water from our wells without exceeding the recharge rate. This has been because the lots are limited in number, thus limiting the potential growth in the neighborhood and allowing for recharge. Payson seems unwilling to curb its growth within its own recharge rate, instead looking for more water outside of its boundaries.

A well-driller described to our community the types of wells Payson would use should the project get under way -- large, deep wells capable of producing hundreds of gallons a minute. Our family wells could quickly go dry as the water becomes unavailable at our more shallow well sites. The placement of Payson's 28 wells in the Diamond Rim area would be the equivalent water usage of a several-hundred home developments right next door to us, directly impacting our recharge ability. With respect to the "meticulous" approach the Payson Ranger District has taken to address our concerns and ramifications, you need only to look to the haphazard monitoring by the district of the ADOT wells in our area to understand our cause for concern (this would be a pertinent story to report). Why should we expect the district to do better with the Payson wells?

I am in complete agreement with one statement you make in your column. "The entire area has a water problem, and it's likely to get worse before it gets better." Perhaps you need to remind those within your community who use millions of gallons to water golf courses and fill decorative ponds before you chastise your neighbors. My view is that you are sitting in a pretty large glass house.

We in the Diamond Point/Star Valley area are just a small community. We don't have the financial means to locate alternate water sources should our own wells run dry. When they do, that's it for us. So, I would appreciate it if in the future you did not trivialize the concerns of your neighbors.

Patricia Arbaugh-Wisner, Diamond Point

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