Cps Needs To Be Held Accountable



Recently, I wrote about Pat Tillman. I was impressed at the sacrifice he made willingly for freedom.

Today, I read the editorial about the 5-month-old baby that lost his life due to his mom's addiction. She left the child in a car while she was passed out in the house from the after-effects of methamphetamine.

He died unwillingly, through no fault of his own. His death is as tragic as Pat Tillman's.

CPS needs to start being accountable for its part in the loss of so many young lives. They still consider drug use a "lifestyle choice" when it benefits them to do so. They should explain how Rendi Garcia's "lifestyle choice" was allowed to place six of her children in harm's way. I'd make an educated guess that her dead baby was born exposed to drugs.

Ultimately, her "lifestyle choice" killed her son.

CPS removes children when they are in imminent danger. If a parent's drug use brings them in contact with CPS, the courts or law enforcement, the parent has probably passed the recreational use stage. If a woman delivers a drug-exposed child, she obviously has no control or concern. It seems obvious children are in imminent danger that are exposed to this.

Several of us who work with the local CPS office have expressed concern about the decisions CPS makes. It would be wise to contact your representatives and governor. Tell them we want the cases in our area involving drugs to be strictly monitored.

We don't want one of the children in our town to be the next one dead. We want more for our children than the minimally adequate, or less than adequate, care they receive from drug-addicted parents.

Linda Moon Schreur, Payson

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