Jazz Concert A Treat



For those who missed the monthly Jazz in AZ gathering at the Presbyterian Church this last Sunday afternoon, you missed a very special treat.

First, there was the Payson Jazz Trio, with their sophisticated renditions of favorites; then, following the break, came the junior/senior Jazz Band.

Gerry Reynolds, president of JIA, and I, had heard them in several practice sessions a couple of years ago, but nothing we heard then prepared us for what we heard Sunday.

Larry Potvin and Mike Buskirk have certainly drawn out the best in these young folk -- if I heard correctly, there was only one senior, one junior, and one sophomore in the group of perhaps 15 or so. It doesn't matter, my point is that these young people and Larry and Mike gave everyone so much pleasure -- how could one not stand and cheer when they got you off your seat with their sound.

For those who missed this event, you missed a winner. If these students don't hit and swallow the state championships this year, I will be very surprised.

Talk about big band sound -- they were absolutely perfect and a joy to the ears.

J. B. Shevlin, Payson

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