Senior Volunteers Enrich Community



On May 6, I had the privilege of listening to a number of nonprofit organizations address the town council concerning funding available to assist these folks who help so many of our community's citizens. All of these organizations are very worthy and deserve our consideration.

I was extremely impressed, to say the least, at the extent that our community depends on our volunteers. You all deserve huge thanks. Without your unselfish commitment, many programs would not be available.

Many of our volunteers are seniors that, fortunately, have the time, desire and heart to help make all of these programs work. Let us not forget that many of them served our country in the military and were put in harm's way time and time again to ensure the continuation of freedom which so many of us take for granted. These freedoms were earned and protected by the very same folks who now serve as volunteers in our beautiful town.

The senior citizen center, for example, is a place that our citizens can go to and experience a feeling of pride, dignity and camaraderie.

I urge the citizens of Payson to join me in saluting and supporting our town's many committed volunteers and excellent nonprofit organizations. Without them, our lives would be nowhere near as enriched.

Jim Chase, Payson

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