Truth, Justice And The American Way



Remember when "truth, justice and the American way" were all synonymous? It might have been the Superman theme, but it made me proud to be an American every time I heard it.

Whatever happened to it?

Take a look at how it has played out in the past year or so.

Many corporate leaders have all financially raped millions of shareholders and taxpayers. They've stolen and spent billions of dollars. It's not subject to conjecture. All charges have been proven. Yet, thanks to political connections, not one of the top tier has seen one day behind bars.

Their new motto is, "greed, dishonesty and the American way."

How about our descent into an unnecessary war in Iraq? Every reason that our present administration has given for engaging in war has been proven without merit. No WMD. No link to al-Qaeda. No people throwing flowers at the "liberators'" feet. Just more daily deaths of Americans and innocents, with no end in sight.

Our leaders' new motto is, "lies, distortion and the American way."

How about today's headlines about how we treat prisoners in our care? The new videos about the incredibly abusive treatment by Americans on the detainees in Guantanamo, not yet publicly released, will make all but the most hardened and cynic Americans cringe and bow their heads in shame.

The new motto of military intelligence (what an oxymoron) is, "rape, abuse and torture, the American way."

Don't get me wrong. I love the principles that the "old" America was founded on and stands for. Most Payson people live their lives according to those principles. I'd still rather live here than any place in the world.

However, many of the leaders of this country, corporate, government and military, have demonstrated by their actions, a level of moral conduct that is incompatible with our roots and our history.

Thank God we can change it. It happens one person at a time and starts with each one of us. You and I can make a difference by individually making a commitment to live daily demonstrating truth, justice and love in our own lives.

Vote. We desperately need change. If you love truth, justice and the American way, "Remember in November."

Larry Brophy, Payson

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