Payson Voters Elect Town's First Female Mayor


Vice-mayor Barbara Brewer became a pioneer in the history of Payson leadership Tuesday night when voters elected her as the town's first female mayor.

"History has been made -- between Randy Johnson and myself in Arizona," Brewer said Wednesday morning.

"I don't think gender is going to make that big of a difference. I think getting the job done is what's most important."

But Brewer does believe there will be some positive differences.

"I think that women have a lot to offer in leadership.

This includes careful consideration and common-sense thinking. We're not so apt to shoot from the hip.

I think we see that a lot more from men. Men often have a quicker temper when something agitates them. It's not necessarily a fault; it can be if it's used improperly," Brewer said

"Strong women can be very effective in the community and I am happy that the voters have given me this opportunity. It shows me that the community wants strength, but they want compassion as well. This is a very progressive step for the town and I will work diligently to be a positive, strong leader."

The new council and mayor will be seated Thursday, June 10, 2004.


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