Complainers Should Do Their Part



To those 35 families who are still complaining about the noise from The Door Stop -- what about the noise abatement of the planes flying very, very low over my house, and my neighbors', at 7 a.m. They don't care one bit how much noise they make. That plane was really whining, and it definitely woke me up.

It is time for you people to tell your own to abide with the abatement regulations, just the same as The Door Stop did, and cut the noise down from your planes.

If The Door Stop moves out, it will be a tremendous loss to this town, and a lot of people would be mighty glad to see more small industries move into that industrial park. Maybe our property taxes would come down.

Stop complaining and live with a little noise, or move somewhere else.

Connie Swanson, Payson

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