Growth Impacts Town Postal Delivery Routes


As the town of Payson grows, more homes mean more addresses. And more addresses mean more mail for the local post office to deliver.

This growth is making it necessary for the post office to install new and larger neighborhood mailboxes called CBUs (Cluster Box Units).


Lori Shewey, Delivery Supervisor, Payson Post Office

"When mail delivery was first established in Payson it was designated for just the addresses that existed at that time," Lori Shewey, delivery supervisor for the Payson Post Office said.

"As the town grows, and new addresses are being implemented, we're having to change out the old NDCBUs (Neighborhood Delivery and Collection Box Units) to accommodate the new addresses."

The new boxes are being installed in both new and existing residential neighborhoods where they have become necessary.

The greatest demand for the CBUs is in areas where new housing developments are being built, Shewey said.

"There are currently 600 possible new delivery addresses that have been approved by the town that need to be added to the Payson Post Office delivery system," Shewey explains.

While this number may seem high, Paul Bates, President of the Central Arizona Board of Realtors, said 600 new addresses is right in line with the town's population growth.

"As the population increases, home selling in Payson increases at an average of 3 to 5 percent each year. This is a moderate, comfortable and healthy rate. We're hardly approaching the growth of towns like Gilbert and other Valley communities that are just exploding with growth."

As routes get overburdened with new deliveries and volume, the post office must adjust for the change.

"Automation is helping us compensate for growing routes and staff limitations," Shewey said

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