Pep Boys At It Again



The Pep Boys are about to spring forth with another ingenious plan.

It is to contact the out-of-town property owners again with another mailing and by setting up tables at the various events at our civic center during the year. They have only obtained about 400-450 signatures thus far.

The great question here is: How many of those are legal property owners of the PSWID? Those signatures must be verified to be legal.

Let's say that they have obtained enough signatures to

put us in debt for 12.1 million bucks and purchase the water works. What happens if they don't find water? If you think your water bill is high now, just wait until you start paying off the $12.1 million and still not have water. I don't think they even care about finding water.

I repeat again and again, find water first. The cost for finding water first is approximately $600-800 thousand to drill a test hole. If we do find water, then we could consider if it's worth $12.1 million to purchase the water works, that is if they will sell.

There is a reasonable and geological probability of finding water at the west end of Strawberry Valley. Why is this being ignored? Why all this big rush to purchase the water works and be stopped with a $12.1 million debt? There is an agenda here, and it's not in the best interests of the P/S residents. When this petition comes around again for the third time, "Just say No".

Ed Welge, Past PSWID Member, Arizona Registered Geologist, Pine

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