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Q: There is a sign on Easy Street, just south of Evergreen, that says roads are not maintained by the town of Payson. However, it appears that the town does in fact grade the section of Easy Street that runs between Malibu and Evergreen. Is that because of the police department?

A: Yes. Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett said, "That is a secondary access to and from the police department that the police use, so in the interest of the general public, we do blade that. So far we have never had any objections to it and I am working with the property owners to get permission to pave that, so that we will have a good access there. But the main purpose why we maintain it, even though it does say that we don't, is since the police department moved over there, this is a major access for them so that they can get into Payson North without having to go out on the Beeline."

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