Center For Success Students A Tribute To Education System



I am on the Rotary Club of Payson's Scholarship Committee. Being on that committee, we have the privilege to interview the students who applied for our scholarships.

During that process, I was able to talk to students from the Payson Center for Success.

I want our town to know what a wonderful learning opportunity we have for our children in that school. The students that we interviewed from the Payson Center for Success had nothing but the highest compliments for the school, their principal Monica Nitzche, the teachers and counselors.

It was apparent that these students have been given outstanding leadership and strict guidelines to follow. In that process they have learned to excel in all aspects of their lives. It was an honor to meet these young men and women and know they are the future of Payson.

I want to congratulate the Payson Center for Success on a job well done. Payson should be proud that we have such dedicated people for our children.

Celeste Parsons, Rotary Club of Payson

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